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Engaging Students...Creating Learners
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Engaging Students...Creating Learners

Wisconsin Community of Practice on Autism (Virtual)

05/12/2021 08:30 AM - 12:30 PM CT


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Please join CESA #1 and the Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities in our Spring Gathering. This gathering will offer opportunities for educators, self-advocates, family members, and community partners to collaborate, build new skills, network, and, most of all, share best practices that improve experiences for students on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. 



Opening & Announcements

CoP ASD/DD Co-Chair


Session 1:
What Have We Learned About Education?


WI DPI Teleservices Project Team


Discussion - 10 minutes
Break- 5 minutes



Session 2:
What Have We Learned About Therapy?


CP Consulting and UW Madison


Discussion - 10 minutes
Break - 5 minutes



Session 3:
What Have We Learned About Building Capacity?


Waisman Center Project ECHO®


Discussion - 10 minutes
Break - 5 minutes



Session 4:
What Have We Learned About Diagnosing Autism?

Next Step Clinic and Marquette University




Session Descriptions

Session 1: What have we learned about education?
This session will provide a general overview of how schools have adapted to continue to provide special education and student services during the pandemic.  The presentation will seek to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that DPI's Special Education and Student Services Prevention and Wellness teams have received during the past year including IEP planning and implementation, service delivery, privacy and confidentiality, and student engagement.  One of the things we have learned over the past year, is that teleservice has a lot of potential for being an efficient and effective way to support students and families.  Participants will also be provided resources created by DPI to support schools and families during teleservice both during and after the pandemic.

Presenters: Tim Peerenboom, M.S Ed., and Carlynn Higbee OTR, from the WI DPI Teleservices Team

Session 2: What have we learned about therapy?
This session will share major takeaways when providing teletherapy to a young child with autism throughout the pandemic. Hurdles/barriers to be aware of, effective supports and strategies, as well as successes will be shared from both the parent and therapist perspective. In addition, benefits experienced by the entire family will be discussed. Finally, evidence-based approaches to intervention and engagement that can be applied to a variety of children will be provided.

Presenters: Connie Persike, M.S, CCC/SLP from CP Consulting and UW Madison Communication Sciences and Disorders Department; Jody Steiger, parent of Jack; and Sara Stomps, B.S. UWSHC Graduate Student Clinician

Session 3: What have we learned about building capacity?
Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a lifelong learning and guided practice model that is designed to build capacity of individuals around the state to provide evidence-based services. ECHO uses video conferencing to move knowledge, not people. It fosters an "All Teach, All Learn" environment where community providers can learn from specialists and one another, and specialists can learn from community providers. In 2020, the Waisman Center launched ECHO Autism WI targeting primary care providers who serve children with autism. It also launched ECHO AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), ECHO AAC Autism, and ECHO AAC Families. ECHO AAC invites an interdisciplinary cohort, primarily school-based professionals, to the virtual table; whereas ECHO AAC Autism targets autism treatment providers, and ECHO AAC Families creates a safe space for individuals who use AAC and their families.  This presentation will highlight the ECHO model, outcomes, and next steps for both programs.

Presenters: Sarah Marshall, SLP and Molly Naef, Family Member, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN

Session 4: What have we learned about diagnosing autism?
We will describe accommodations made by the Next Step Clinic in Milwaukee to complete ASD diagnostic assessments for underserved children ages 18 months to 15 years, during the pandemic, over telehealth.  Strategies and solutions to barriers affecting engagement of families over telehealth, including family navigation and technology procurement, will first be covered.  Our experiences using alternative, caregiver-administered assessment paradigms, the Tele-ASD-Peds and the BOSA, will be discussed.  Recommendations for use of the ADI-R and other caregiver report measures over telehealth will be given.  Finally, gaps and limitations of telehealth ASD diagnosis will be explored.

Presenters: Amy Van Hecke, PhD, Professor of Psychology (Marquette University) and Executive Co-Director (Next Step Clinic); Amy Leventhal, PhD, Director of Clinical Services (Next Step Clinic); Ida Winters, Family Navigator (Next Step Clinic); Leah Jepson, MSW, Executive Co-Director (Next Step Clinic); Troney Small, Family Navigator (Next Step Clinic).

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