Developing a Community of Learners with Equity in Mind

07/01/2022 - 06/30/2023


  • $125.00  -  Institute Member
  • $140.00  -  Non-member




During times of change, young learners are looking to the adults in their world for affirmation, reassurance, and guidance. Now more than ever, nurturing and growing relationships is a priority. During this self-paced workshop participants will explore ways to build a community of learners in a variety of settings. We will explore the importance of developing community and dive into five practical ways to bring this to life in your learning environment.

Course Attributes:
•  Online
•  Asynchronous
•  Self-paced
•  Rolling enrollment through May 31, 2023
•  Course must be completed by June 30, 2023
•  Addresses NSQOL Standards - B, C

Honeycomb Elements:
•  Shared Commitment to Success
•  Engaged Families
•  Learner Agency

This online course is designed to take approximately four hours to complete.

Self-paced courses offer interactive, just-in-time professional learning around specific instructional practices, strategies, and frameworks. They also provide educators with an opportunity for reflection and practical application. Districts have the option of creating their own cohort of participants; please contact the Institute for Personalized Learning at 262-288-0010 for more information.

Contact Melissa Dunham / / 262-787-9500 ext. 9529